• Shawn

27 Lip Slurs! Yes, PlayTunes App Warms You Up.

When you get PlayTunes, you'll get better. But not because you have lip slurs to play. You have them anyway. And not because you get helper videos that TELL YOU IF YOU ARE ON THE WRONG PARTIAL, nah, that's child's play. The thing that will get you in the long run is are actually practicing...Oh, and by the way, we dare you to check it out to find out if it's true that your Double High C6 played when C4 is written is really accurate....

But really, this is for your STUDENTS. We all want them to use lip slurs daily, to integrate them into each brass warmup. So when trumpets, french horns, trombones, baritones, euphoniums, or tuba students practice, we have an incredibly powerful listening engine that will tell them if they are accurate or not, and how to fix it. In fact, we even have videos that tell them if they are playing an incorrect partial (so good we said it twice). So, please give it a try and let us know if we're right on, or if your kids practice better without us - we think the future is for guided practice, for times when the teachers aren't around....

Get PlayTunes here

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