• Shawn

Beginning Band Games Using PlayTunes

Come ON! So quick and easy here - you can integrate some easy games, but first, a warning: they kids may request these all too often, so don't over-promise!

1. Long Tone Championship:

Each level has a long tone exercise where kids try for their personal record in long tones, while an animation comes to life. Put it on the "Smart" board, and have a contest, one section per day, or perhaps trumpets and clarinets go head-to-head!

2. Fastest player on a certain exercise (fastest player to get 3-4 stars) - can you play it at 120bpm? 144? 160? Let's find out!

3. Fastest average time in a section with a minimum star rating: With a 3-star minimum, have kids go down the line in section and play an exercise and see who's got it! Doing one section per day doesn't take much time out of rehearsal and keeps kids interested!

Check out PlayTunes!

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