• Shawn

Flute Trills! Training and Reference!

The top of the heap - it's time PlayTunes added something special for you! We teach you how to use PlayTunes app for learning flute trill fingerings, with quarter notes speeding up to eighth notes. Once you play these simple exercises, you'll feel great about your trills! It is true that the trill is a crucial part of many cornerstone band works, and we at PlayTunes think this is an essential skill for floutists. We even provide feedback on flute performance to make sure the flute player is using the correct fingering so the proper effect is portrayed. If you want to learn about flute and you play in the band, it's time to check out these fingerings! If you give flute lessons, consider PlayTunes a go-to for your students! Coming to you Mid-February 2020!

Try PlayTunes and get students practicing!

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