• Shawn

How to Integrate PLAYTUNES long tones games into your band rehearsals

One thing that kids love is the little dopamine rush they get when they play a long tone and blow up a balloon with their air. In PlayTunes, we have multiple settings for long tones. We warm up students with lots of notes, so you can challenge your entire band to meet the minimum amount of time (it varies from level to level, but let's say all trumpets have to pass long tones level 1: 3 seconds, then you go down the line and see if they can do it!)

Later on in the level, there is a long tone "Personal Record" exercise students play a note as long as they can hold it in tune. They love breaking old records, so this is something where they can see who in the section or student can play a long tone the longest, then write it on the board as the section champ with the time. They WILL practice this and try to beat that time!

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