• Shawn

How to integrate Rhythms from PlayTunes into band rehearsals

In PlayTunes, we have multiple types of rhythmic exercises to choose from. Our Rhythm Tune Prep exercise gets the student ready to perform an exercise by isolating the rhythmic element and playing only on one note. Then, they're much more ready to play the next piece. We're focused on music pedagogy here, and adding one thing at a time to the learner's skill base.

We have built in to each practice session multiple clapping exercises. Here we can assess just the rhythmic element, and build in a sneaky little productive rest period off the horn in mid-practice session.

If you have the capability to throw this up on the projector or smartboard, you can play rhythm games with your band - you can speed up exercises, or slow them down to catch "early birds" -

It's a great tool for something new in your rehearsal.

Check it out!

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