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Lengthen your middle school band warm ups and hear the difference!

It's hard to trust others' ideas with your band - Your pride and joy - but you must stop working on music alone and build in the processes that will help your students far after they move on!

This warm up is for our 8th grade band - we meet 4x per week for an hour.

Here's one road to success:

1. With brass buzzing, Concert F descending (lower octave for brass) - 2 minutes

2. Brass, put them together, repeat descending Concert F, mezzo-piano. 2 minutes

(Options include adding ascending, replacing with ascending, adding arpeggio)

3. Circle of 5ths, first 6 Major scales (Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Cb) - we'll be adding minors to this soon. I sizzle 4 beats of a certain articulation (marcato, staccato, tenuto, etc.) and they match style. 3 minutes.

4. Foundations for Superior Performance by Williams and King - we use the slur warm-ups each day, rotating through different sets and options and woodwind articulation options. If you are not using this book, please give it a try. 2-3 minutes

5. Spotify - Cello Tuning Drones A for Woodwinds and Bb - sing pitches (transitioning from "AH" to "ooo" at the behest of our choir director, engaging the resonant nasal passages helping internalize the pitch better. 2 minutes

6. Tuning hall of fame: One section per day tunes using the Tonal Energy Tuner (one try, one breath) - make the Green Guy Smile (audience claps) - now we have kids tuning multiple notes - it's great - amazingly engaging - we always put it up on the screen for everyone to be in on it.

3-4 minutes

7. Sound Innovations Book 3 - Chorales (2x/week) - 6 minutes - once every other week or so we work on memorizing 8-16 measures of a chorale so we can really engage with others. It's work, but it really pays off.

8. SightreadingFactory - highly customizable (1x/week) - reading rhythms, chorales, etc. 3 or 4 examples per session. 8 minutes.

This is about a 30-minute warmup. There are many variations possible on this theme.

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