• Shawn

Scale Games For Middle School Bands

Honestly one of the main reasons I started this crazy 5-year venture was because I wanted to replicated amazing results I got from players in various contests. Most striking was the speed of the scales students could play. It still impresses me to this day.

I recommend setting up a system where each week, students can challenge each other to a sort of duel where the fastest player to play the scale wins - remember it must be played correctly, be a stickler!

You can also do a section scale relay where each player hands off to the next when they finish (I like ascending and descending) and you make an average so it's equal for smaller sections (for singletons like oboe, we have them join the flutes or clarinets..)

We have 10 scales in the PlayTunes app - have students challenge each other to a duel using the app!

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